HATESPHERE @ Hard Club, 2013/09/30

Original Portuguese version at Backstage Music.

Para a Diana, por ter-se mantido longe de mim… :XD:

_DSC0430With the stage already set up for headliners HYPOCRISY, there wasn’t much room left for Esse Hansen to wander around like an encaged animal, as usual, but still the HATESPHERE singer didn’t stand still.

With a brand new eighth studio album (“Murderlust” had been released just three days before), the Danish band counted on Nikolaj Harlis Poulsen from BLOOD LABEL, as their own bass player Jimmy “The Talent” Nedergaard is on medical leave, preparing himself for a liver transplant. Wishing him all the best!

But it was with “Lies And Deceit” from 2007 that they kicked off, followed by “500 Dead People” from 2004, showing right from the start that the tour with HYPOCRISY had much more to it than promoting “Murderlust”. In fact, only the title-track was performed that night, the setlist fitting the “best-of” label.

Always in a good mood, ROXETTE‘s “Fading Like A Flower” was heard and Esse screamed ROXETTE FOREVER!” before the band started playing “Hate”. And later, as an intro for “Drinking With The King Of The Dead”, the singer made a toast with Super Bock, to which someone on the front row claimed to be “the best beer in the world”. Esse immediately replied “you’re talking to Danish people. WE have the best beer in the world! Ha ha ha!”.

Despite the very active mosh, the number of people in the circle was reduced. But by Esse‘s request – or better, after Esse taunted them by asking “are you pussies?” – the motion got a bit stronger on the last song, “Sickness Within”. An excellent show which we hope to see again soon, but with HATESHPERE as headliners.





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