SLEEKSTAIN @ Sala Caracol, 2013/05/21

SLEEKSTAIN is a French rock band which I’d never heard about until that night. Sleazy name and look, but the music… meh. They weren’t bad, but their role as opening act was just that – an entertainment to kill time while waiting for the other bands to play. Their music sounds like hundreds of others’ and, for my personal taste, lacks a little bit of spunk. In the end, not a single note remained in my brain nor the titles of the songs that singer Ryff Raff introduced stuck. I know they were playing songs from their latest album – which actually is the only one so far – and looking at the tracklist of “Hard”, none rings a bell. But as we all have different tastes, go check them out. Maybe your opinion is different than mine and you’ll think they’re awesome…

And I know English isn’t their mother tongue, but as they’re using it to communicate/express themselves, at least they should learn the basics, like how to use auxiliary verbs in question-answer situations… Check out the first pic to see what I’m talking about. :P


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