GATES OF HELL “Critical Obsession” release party @ Hard Club, 2013/04/13

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» I’ve seen Gates Of Hell a few times before and this was definitely their best show so far. And it had nothing to do with the fact that they were celebrating the release of their debut album. It helped to the mood, obviously, but this band has grown a lot stronger. Without disrespect for past members, I also think that this is the most solid line-up they’ve got.

They kicked off with “Releasing The Disease”, and so did the mosh pit. For 45 minutes, band and crowd were relentless – the first introducing us the new album (and remembering the EP “Shadows Of The Dark Ages” with “Hypocrisy” and “Breaking The World”), the second in full support to the hosts of that big party.

In the studio version, “Abusive Resolution” has a Danish special guest – HatesphereEsben “Esse” Hansen. As he wasn’t there that night, Congas from For The Glory filled in. “Who said such a stupidity that metal and hardcore didn’t go along?” asked singer Raça rhetorically.“I saw a huge circle to the metal of Gates Of Hell, I saw a huge circle to the hardcore of For The Glory, now I want to see a huge circle for both! Unite!”. Or something like that – translating literally from Portuguese is just not possible. Anyway, you got the idea. And the crowd did get the message.

They were running somewhat late, and there was no time to play “Chronical Revolt” . But they finished with the title-track/first single, with Raça saying “you probably heard it on YouTube and liked it. If you didn’t like it, come up here just the same and maybe you’ll change your mind”. The night ended with another stage invasion and the screams for “just one more”. But like Raça said, “we like to honour our commitments and we promised Hard Club they’d have their room back at one in the morning”. Great musicians and men of honour – what’s there not to like? «

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2 Responses to GATES OF HELL “Critical Obsession” release party @ Hard Club, 2013/04/13

  1. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    Great photos, great night , great party 😀
    front row forever 🙂

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