THE RANSACK @ Hard Club, 2013/04/13

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» Not sure what happened because The Ransack was as brutal as always but the crowd didn’t mosh like there was no tomorrow, as they usually do. Singer Shore kept calling them up to the front, some of them by their own names, but the circles were still weak. Guess they weren’t exactly in their element, among the hardcore and metalcore-thrash fans. But as death metal goes, it was a great show, which focused mainly on their last album “Bloodline”. But they also played a couple from “Vortex” (“The Plague” and “Slaves Of Creation”) and visited “Azrael” through “Exorcise”. They closed with “Zenith”, which got a little bit more of movement. A shame, really, as their performance deserved a better response. «


And because death can be fun too:

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