GRANKAPO @ Hard Club, 2013/04/13

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» Grankapo got on stage a bit past nine-thirty, fifteen minutes later than scheduled. Still the place wasn’t exactly packed (I think I’ve already told you that the Portuguese crowd isn’t the most punctual). But the few who were there made it worth it, slamdancing with enough intensity to put me on alert and watch my back while photographing the show. And the metalheads, even though a few steps farhter behind, headbanged to the adrenaline surge that rushed off the stage.

Starting with “Sinner Of The World” and finishing with “Man Killing Man”, going through “Private Hell” or “My Son” (dedicated to drummer Ivan‘s son), a few guys in the crowd – including Gates Of Hell drummer Afonso – helped singer Fuck (yup, that’s his nickname) screaming the lyrics. «


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