CORONER @ Vagos Open Air, 2012/08/04

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» After a 14-year brake, Swiss technical thrash metal Coroner came back in 2010. So far, they haven’t recorded anything new in these last two years, so all the shows have been a walk down memory lane.

In Vagos, that trip started with the intro of “Golden Cashmere Sleeper part. 1”, linked to “Internal Conflicts”. Then “Serpent Moves”, after Ron Royce introduced Daniel Stössel, their “fourth member”, on keyboards/synths, And a fan guessed “Masked Jackal” when Royce said they’d filmed a video for the following song.

Coroner have always been a little neglected, maybe because they were ahead of their time. In this concert, their first ever in Portugal, they were everything but. Even those who weren’t familiar with the band were convinced by their eclectic fusion of elements with old school thrash metal and welcomed songs like “Die By My Hand”, “Gliding Above While Being Below” or “Divine Step”, among others. “The Invincible” made the encore. «

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