TEXTURES @ Vagos Open Air, 2012/08/04

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» Last time I’d seen Textures had been in 2007 and a lot has changed in 5 years. Half of the line-up, for instance (singer, bassist, keyboard player). But one thing remains the same – their greatness.

Except for their debut “Polars”, all their other albums were evenly represented in this gig, that started up with “Surreal State Of Enlightenment”. And if things cooled down a bit with “Consonant Hemispheres”, they reignited right afterwards with a wall of death and consequent mosh circle in “Stream Of Consciousness”. That’s how progressive metalcore works – drastic changes in tempo.

Daniel de Jongh asked how many of us knew the single “Awake”, adding that they were free to sing along the lyrics. They did so, until the fastest part began – then they exchanged the singing for the moshing and the headbanging.

The single track from “Polars” came next, in the form of “Swandive”, and was introduced by de Jongh as “faster than anything we’ve played today”.

The Dutch said farewell with “Laments Of An Icarus”, leaving a sweaty and happy crowd behind. «


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