CANNIBAL CORPSE @ SWR Porto Hard, 2012/06/17

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» In order to get the “prime-time”, CANNIBAL CORPSE switched places with HUNTED SCRIPTUM and climbed on stage next. Promoting “Torture”, they picked its first three tracks to start the concert with. Then, in a less death metal moment, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher said “we love you guys” to an almost sold-out venue, resuming the brutality with “Disfigured”.

Rob Barrett and Patrick O’Brien apparently needed tuning their guitars constantly, resulting in long breaks between songs – which, in my personal opinion, killed the mood a bit. Corpsegrinder would then address the audience, but they wanted movement, not words. So as soon as the music restarted, the mosh pits and the headbanging would double in intensity, and everyone seemed to forget the waiting time.

For one hour and a half, the death metal masters went through their whole discography, playing all of them freely – it seems that in Australia and Germany, for instance, they’re forbidden to play songs like “I Cum Blood” and “Born In A Casket”, two oldies that we rejoiced that night.

Corpsegrinder asked for the biggest mosh pit on “Hammer Smashed Face”, some song that I couldn’t understand which was dedicated to the ladies, and “Stripped, Raped And Strangled” closed with a golden key. «

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