HUNTED SCRIPTUM @ SWR Porto Hard, 2012/06/17

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» It’s not easy for an underground death metal band to play after such a legend as CANNIBAL CORPSE, but HUNTED SCRIPTUM did very well. And even though many people left, there was still quite a number of endurers.

Drummer and guitarists (bass included) got on stage in surgery clothes (an IV bag hang from Sérgio’s mic stand), while singer José wore some kind of straightjacket – “some kind of” as he still was free enough to handle the mic.

I’m not sure about the songs they played, but whatever the titles, their performance was great, both on technical and visual levels. It was really a shame the timetable shift, not allowing them to take full advantage of sharing the stage with CANNIBAL CORPSE. But HUNTED SCRIPTUM have been growing a lot since the first time I’ve seen them, some five years ago, so I believe there will be plenty of opportunities more. «

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