PROCESS OF GUILT @ Hard Club, 2012/06/02

Original Portuguese here: with pics by Sandra Ferreira

» With “Fæmin” in the stores for a month now, it is time to take it to the stage. The third album of the band from Évora was entirely performed, with “Lava”, from the previous “Erosion”, in-between.

Hard Club’s Room #2 was by its half (or maybe I’m being generous) but the proverbial “few but good” applied to it. The presents were very pleased with the band’s performance who, in fact, never let its fans down.

The doom and ravishing ambience created by PROCESS OF GUILT‘s sound extended beyond each song. To prevent breaking that feeling, Hugo Santos did not say a single word apart from the songs’ lyrics. Even in the end, the thank-yous were given through waving hands and thumbs-up.

A very good show for such a weak-in-numbers audience. «

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