JOSEPH @ Hard Club, 2012/06/02

Original Portuguese here: with pics by Sandra Ferreira

» In a soccer night (Portugal x Turkey), the crowd was almost nonexistent at the scheduled time for the opening of the doors. So this happened later, still to a very limited number of people.

While not being exactly famous, JOSEPH, experimental band from Vale de Cambra, revealed themselves pretty talented and worthy of being there that night, warming up for PROCESS OF GUILT.

Without a voice, JOSEPH‘s sound is totally instrumental, in a mix of heavy riffs and heartfelt melodies. PROCESS OF GUILT fans seemed to welcome very well this combination.

Not any album released, but you can listen to “Royal Ages”, “Passport” and “Punishment Revisited” on the band’s SoundCloud profile ( and judge for yourselves what these boys are capable of.

In the end, Pedro Simões expressed a “thanks a lot people!” with an open smile.«

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