PLAN THREE @ Garage, 2012/04/07

Both in 2010 and 2011 I saw PLAN THREE in April. So when “The Signal – Part 1” was released last November, I thought “hmm, they’ll surely play some gigs to promote this in the near future. It would be funny if they played in Stockholm on another saturday in April…” It wasn’t in Stockholm, but close enough, so I saw it as… a signal :D And off I went.

With the new EP out, “Triggers” was replaced by “Kill Anyone” as the opening track of the gig. Fine with me! It works pretty well. In  fact, all the new five songs, performed interily that night, sound just as great live as in the studio. Or maybe even better, as you can actually see the emotion the musicians put on their performance.

Especially singer Jacob Lovén. When I saw Garage had a small stage, I wondered if Jacob would have enough room for his energetic and charismatic presence. How could I have possibily even doubted? ;) Once again, even the ballads – the new “Wake Up” included – have this power-edge to them, so instead of making the crowd (and the band) slow down a bit, the whole venue just keeps the rock vibe pumping :) 

They left the stage after “Save Me”, the “B-side” of their very first single “Achilles Heel” (2007), but returned right after (in fact, they just stood on the steps that lead to the stage, so they would go back faster). Chris Sörbye, singer in the previous band SMASH INTO PIECES, also got on stage, to ask the audience for an ovation for PLAN THREE. Jacob kissed his cheek and the boy said he was blushing now :XD: “Brush It Off”, “Still Broken” and “The Common Divided” and another amazing concert was over.

The lights weren’t good but they weren’t that bad either – it’s just that I only had my point-and-shoot Canon. And I stood too much to the left, hence the lack of pics from Mathias Garneij and David Clewettförlåt boys :( Next time I should try and get a photopass. Maybe April 2013 :D

Tusen tack till Marisol o Kristina för skjutsen tillbaka till Sthlm :aww:

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2 Responses to PLAN THREE @ Garage, 2012/04/07

  1. m4g1c4 says:

    You’re welcome! Nice seeing you again. Until next April…. 🙂

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