SMASH INTO PIECES @ Garage, 2012/04/07

As I didn’t have much to do in the hostel, I took the 19:50 pendeltåg to Märsta – meaning that I got to a pretty much deserted Garage at such an early hour. And only while I was sitting there, listening to all kinds of rock/metal bands between AEROSMITH and IN FLAMES, did I see on the video wall the final bill for that night: PLAN THREE with special guests SMASH INTO PIECES. So there was an opening act after all! As I didn’t have the chance to check them out previously, I had no idea what to expect (apart from being sure they wouldn’t be some extreme metal band ;)).

SMASH INTO PIECES is a modern rock band from Örebro who delivered a very energetic show – especially bass player Viktor Vidlund, moving all the time :D But the whole band jumped constantly, sometimes synchronized – except in the ballad “Here To Stay”.

“Crash And Burn” and “Fading” – the latter a single released by Ninetone Records, the same label as PLAN THREE, but which the band is no longer associated to – seemed to be the most popular songs among the audience, although they were a happy crowd through the whole show.


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