VALIENT THORR @ Hard Club, 2012/03/24

Original Portuguese version here:

» Valient Himself didn’t need to tell people to come closer, for he wanted to see our faces, as the crowd – much bigger now than when the night started – was doing it on their own already.

The “Venusians” are well known in our stages, the last they’d stepped on had been in 2010, in Barcelos (Milhões de Festa), as Valient himself mentioned. And when he asked who had been there, many were the voices which raised in a choir. As they did so in the choruses of  “Sleepers Awake”, “Double Crossed”, “Mask Of Sanity”, “Tomorrow Police”… well, I believe in all setlist.

Although the stage wasn’t that big, the band didn’t stand still for a  minute, especially Valient, that even made some push-ups, and bass player Dr. Professor Nitewolf Strangees, who I feared more than once would fall off the stage, given the momentum of his jumps. But that only happened willfully, amidst “Night Terror”, when also Valient jumped into the crowd, made everybody sit on the floor and “row” with him.

For the encore, Valient returned alone, just so we could call the others by screaming “PAAAAAAAR-TYYYYYYY!”. And there’s really no better word to describe that concert, which culminated in a stage invasion during “Infinite Lives”“a song about the universe”. «

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