JETTBLACK @ Hard Club, 2012/03/24

Original Portuguese version here:

» For British JETTBLACK, for the first time in our country, the venue was more crowded and the people a few steps ahead – although at a still safe distance from the stage.

This other half an hour was much more animated, as their 80’s rock style itself inspires to. And the audience went along, screaming and clapping their hands enthusiastically.

Although their second album, “Raining Rock”, has its cover revealed and release date announced (June 4th via Spinefarm Records), all songs of that night belonged to the debut “Get Your Hands Dirty”. It was its opening track, “Slip It On”, which also opened the concert, ending with the title-track. In between, a lot of energy and good spirits, especially from bass player Tom Wright, who even tried to say something in Portuguese – that he didn’t speak Portuguese. He was also “the host” of the guitar showdown between Will Stapleton and Jon Dow, doing it as if it was a boxing match, announcing weights and everything. On the farewell, after Dow said “we’re JETTBLACK and we like it”, Wright added that they also liked free drinks so we could bring them on. «

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