DAWNRIDER @ Hard Club, 2012/03/24

Original Portuguese version here: http://www.backstageforum.com/t4711-reportagem-valient-thorr-jettblack-dawnrider-hard-club-2012-03-24

» Although SWR Inc. delayed the beginning of the concert, in waiting for more audience, the latter still headed mostly to Hard Club’s Room #1 where WRAYGUNN also played that night. At 22:30 DAWNRIDER had no other option but setting off their performance to an almost empty Room #2.

According to singer F.J. Dias the setlist would consist of old songs, also because, highlighting that notion of the past, they had André Silva behind the drums, “ex-member, good friend and one of the best drummers in the national underground”. In fact, all the songs played in that half an hour belonged to a period between 2005 and 2009, starting up with “Redemption” and finishing either with “Keep On Riding” or “Eagles Flying”. My doubt lays on the fact that, due the weak response of the crowd, guitarist Hugo Conim threatened, near the end, to play just one more and leave if people didn’t come closer. As only three people did so, I’m not sure if they performed the full setlist and would have played an extra if the audience wanted them to, or if they left the stage before they were supposed to. «


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