Revisited: DEATHSTARS @ Rockhouse, 2007/03/31

Exactly 5 years ago, I had my first music-adventure abroad. Sure I had been to a couple of gigs “next door”, in Spain. But this was “a little” beyond that. Also my debut at spending the night at Stansted Airport, London :XD:

I’ve been a huge fan of DEATHSTARS since 2002, when I first heard “Synthetic Generation”. Yes, 2002 – Nuclear Blast released it in 2003 but I had found the original Swedish release prior to that (the wonders of internet).

I finally had the chance to see them live in 2006, when they opened for CRADLE OF FILTH, here in my hometown. But most of the people were there for COF and not really fond of “death glam”, so even though I liked the show, I was determined to see them in their “comfort zone”. The chance would come a few months later, when they announced a headlinig tour. Most of the shows were in the U.K., with MORTIIS, but my best friend convinced me to wait a little longer, see if they would book a show in Spain. They didn’t, but they announced these three extra shows, all in Austria, where they’d be opening for THE 69 EYES. Okay, they weren’t headlining, but the “Helsinki vampires” were another band I’d been listening for ages, and I really didn’t like MORTIIS that much. Plus, even though I’m not superstitious, the day the news were out I was wearing my Miss Spookines 69 EYES shirt. How’s that for a sign? :D So I persuaded my bestie and off we went to Salzburg.

I remember I had a hell of a time – I sang, I danced – and I have a vague memory of Whiplasher saying something about Rolls Royce, Marylin Monroe and rollercoasters, while kissing Cat‘s neck. The details have faded in these 5 years – except one. I remember as if it were yesterday the emphasys Whiplasher put on the word “exterminate” at the end of “Semi-Automatic”.

  • The Last Ammunition
  • New Dead Nation
  • Trinity Fields
  • Motherzone
  • Tongues
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Synthetic Generation
  • Blitzkrieg Boom
  • Virtue To Vice
  • Cyanide

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4 Responses to Revisited: DEATHSTARS @ Rockhouse, 2007/03/31

  1. Ida says:

    Du kan lyssna på hemsidan, både intervjun och unplugged-versionen av Bandit for life!
    It was awesome! : )

  2. Ida says:

    Thanks for all the comments in my blog 🙂 Bella is the best company, thanks to her I never feel ALL ALONE, and she can really tell when you’re not feeling well! She is so snuggly… 🙂 Best ever.

    And thank you, about the clothes, it took quite some time but it’s sure worth it! I have a few more I must do, it’s clothes for on stage, for the show… but not only for the show, of course I’m keeping it that way afterwards. They look so much better now, haha 🙂

    • Pieni says:

      I have two cats, Pikku and Kiko, and they ALWAYS feel when I’m sick. People talk about dogs’ loyalty, but cats are very loyal and friendly too – more than some people 😉

      I must see one of your shows one day ^^ ♥

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