BLOWSIGHT @ Escape Metalcorner, 2011/11/05


I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend the Shed Evil Tour, which was breaking my heart. Headlining tour, the first with Mao on the bass, and I was going to miss it? What kind of a fan was I?

I don’t know how I missed the Vienna date the first time I saw the flyer. Or maybe I didn’t, but my mind discarded it, as there are no low-cost flights between Porto and the Austrian capital. All I know is that I only saw it “for real” a couple of weeks before the show. So I checked my bank account, booked the flight, told my boss I needed the afternoon off on friday (not only the flight wasn’t low-cost as it wasn’t a direct one either :P) and off to Vienna I went, to get blowsighted!

I confess I was a bit sad for catching just a 45-minute show instead of 90 (I still haven’t seen “Terroville” live – damn!), but any minute that BLOWSIGHT is on stage is quality time and I did enjoy every single second. Besides, their tour bus had been wrecked the night before in Prague (luckly, the backline wasn’t stolen), so they needed all the support they could get. And since the crowd at Escape was so weak and lame, I was glad I was there for “my boys”.

Not sure what time it was when Barry Clayton‘s voice was heard, in that intro of IRON MAIDEN‘s “The Number Of The Beast”. “I Wish You 666” was launched. And so was the “high voltage rock’n’roll”.

The crowd didn’t react (except for me and the 3 sweet French girls, who were there in their “I :heart: Swedish boys” tees :)) but BLOWSIGHT rocked that stage as if they were in a sold out Wembley arena. Seb in particular was on fire! So I wasn’t lying, Fabz, when I told you that I had loved the show: I really did. What I hated was the audience.

I don’t like making comparisons, as I believe we are all unique in some way, and so comparisons are never fair. But I have to say this: Mao is a LOT BETTER than Mini. I don’t mean in terms of playing. Mini is a hell of a bass player, no doubt about that. But everyone knows that it takes much more to be a good artist and fit in a band. And that’s always been my opinion about Mini: he just didn’t fit in BLOWSIGHT. Or maybe both times I’ve seen him live I was unlucky and caught him in a bad day, but you know what they say about first impressions… I had the feeling he was trying too hard to look cool instead of actually having fun. And Mao is this nice guy, always making funny faces and smiling while on stage… I believe he suits BLOWSIGHT spirit way better than his predecessor.

So I didn’t hear “Terrorville” but heard another “oldie” that I’d never had the chance to hear before: “She Devil”. And the two songs I like the most from the EP they were promoting, “As Wicked As They Come” and “Live, Die, Surrender” – this one dedicated to the “3 wonderful beings that have been following us like stalkers”, the girls from the Official French Support I’ve mentioned before: Julie, Fanny and Mélina.

Then Nick pretended to put on a tantrum, saying he didn’t want to play guitar anymore. Those who know BLOWSIGHT know that this means that “Bandit For Life” comes next, as it only needs Seb‘s guitar to be performed.

If I hadn’t broken my left knee at a thrash metal concert 4 years ago, I would have jumped along BLOWSIGHT on their brilliant cover of Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face”. So I just danced. And on “The Simple Art (Of Making You Mine)” Nick let me sing a few words on the mic :)

So thank you once again, BLOWSIGHT. Vienna may have let you down, but you NEVER let US down :heart:

A special thanks to Susanne “Desdemonaa” Schähs for taking me in, for the wonderful company, and for taking this awesome pic of me with the boys:


And the gallery:

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  1. MIG-Equaleft says:

    Blowsight blew your night cousin 😀 cheersss

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