Revisited: SONIC SYNDICATE @ Hovet, 2009/11/28

Two years ago, by this time, I was arriving in Stockholm to see my first SONIC SYNDICATE gig with Nathan on vocals :) Seems like yesterday and, at the same time, like a lifetime ago. So many things have changed in this band ever since, but my love and respect for these boys and girl stayed the same. Oh, wait! That’s not true! That also changed. It GREW BIGGER :heart: (for 5/6 of them, at least…).

Here’s what I wrote about the gig back then, on MySpace:

» I had never heard of INME before and I don’t really like TAKIDA (not to the point of creating a hate group on Facebook, but… :XD:). So why going so far away just for 45 minutes of good music? Because I’m a fan :heart: And as I was there for the last shows with Roland, I simply had to be there also for the first tour with Nathan  Was it worth it? Now, is that a trick question?! :love:

TAKIDA are big shots in Sweden, so even though I bought my ticket on the very day that SONIC announced they’d be opening for them, I only managed a ticket for the galleries. But it was better that way. The place was sold out, or almost, and I wouldn’t have made it to the front rows. And being hobbit size as I am, standing among all the tall Swedes… no, it wouldn’t have been the best of options :XD: So no pics this time but I could see EVERYTHING!

I’d heard on Sonic TV all the other members saying they knew Nathan was “the one” when he sang “enclave”. So even though it’s a ballad, I was hoping they would play it. And they didn’t let me down  Here’s the whole setlist, by the way:

  • intro
  • encaged
  • power shift
  • flashback
  • fallout
  • enclave
  • ruin
  • burn this city
  • denied
  • Jack of Diamonds

When “burn this city” came out I must confess I was expecting something a little bit more aggressive. But at the same time that song showed the potential of Nathan‘s voice – the cleanest and the roughest tones  Besides, that dark and aggressive feeling I mentioned is on “rebellion in nightmareland”, the… hmmm… do we still use the expression “b-side”? :confused:

Nathan had shown on Twitter and RockSpot the cool and funny guy he is. With the single, he proved the great singer he is. Now I can also assure you he’s an awesome live performer as well. Can’t wait for the new album and the tour that will support it. Hope I can catch them headlining next time ;). «

I did love the album and I did see them as headliners, twice ;)

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