FLATTENN @ Gaia Em Peso, 2011/10/30

Originally posted on Valkyrian Music: http://valkyrianmusic.com/2011/11/03/gaia-em-peso-fest-molin-old-factory-live-review/, now with more pics and the songtitles updated.

» Flattenn have been gathering fans in the Portuguese underground with their live performances. They are still recording their first EP, which I believe will be released in 2012, but many in the crowd seemed to recognise some of the songs. And those who didn’t, welcomed them anyway.

Their music is basically thrash – old school like Slayer mixed with post-thrash like Machine Head. And then Evandro puts a death metal touch on the vocals, making the songs sound even more aggressive.

“Death Line” is their most known track so far and it was the one they started with. “Run” was last – right between the riffs of Slayer’s “South Of Heaven” in the beginning and “Raining Blood” in the end.

It was Evandro’s birthday, so everybody sang “happy birthday” to him at some point of the concert 🙂 «


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2 Responses to FLATTENN @ Gaia Em Peso, 2011/10/30

  1. MIG says:

    Curti muito estas dos Flatten 🙂

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