NEGATIVE GROUND @ Gaia Em Peso, 2011/10/30

Originally posted on Valkyrian Music:

» The first band of the evening was Negative Ground, who had also played in last year’s edition of the fest. I remembered them as a heavy metal band, but now they sounded a bit more thrashier. Singer Bala was even wearing a Megadeth t-shirt, as if backing up my opinion. Still, the basis remains in hard/heavy.

The new bass player, Nelson, brought some life to the band’s performance, as he moves along with his playing, while his predecessor only banged his head. But then again, this heavier attitude of the band itself makes it easier to do so.

They haven’t released anything new since last year, so the EP “New World Order Arrives” is still their latest work. The crowd wasn’t that big in the beginning of the show, but whoever was there applauded, raised their arms in the air and screamed “hey!” along the guitars, which are the strongest element in Negative Ground’s music. «

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