THE MISSION UK @ Hard Club, 2011/10/14

Original Portuguese version here:

» “Dambusters March”, from the movie soundtrack of “The Dam Busters” (1955), was heard around 22:30. Its first seconds were smothered by the screams and clapping hands of the fans – screams and applauses which went triple when the Brits got on stage.

The crowd showed their loyalty from the first song, “Beyond The Pale”, to the last, “1969”. The major intensity was during the chorus, that Wayne Hussey let us sing by ourselves, but the sing-along kept going throughout the whole song.

Hussey thanked us over and over again, in Portuguese, and after “Severina” he told us, also in our language (his wife is Brazilian and he’s been living in Brazil for several years now) that he had the flu and needed our help in the following song. He didn’t say the title, but there was no need to – I don’t think there was a single soul who didn’t recognise “Butterfly On A Wheel”. As I don’t think either that my goosebumps when listening to that “help” was just because this is my favourite THE MISSION song – no, this was really one of the (many) highest moments of the night. I high-light the strength which Hussey put on the word “sharp” (“cold Autumn winds cut SHARP as a knife”) and how, in the end, he said we sang better than he did.

“Wasteland” also marked the night, after which Hussey gave a guitar pick to a fan in the front row, and in the end of  “Deliverance” the band got off stage, leaving us roaring “… give me deliverance, deliver me” on our own.

For the first encore, only Hussey returned with his guitar, asking if we were having a good night and adding “muito quente” (very hot) – which was an understatement. Hard Club felt like a true sauna, everybody had their clothes sticking to their bodies from so much sweat, but no one seemed to care. Hussey said he would play that song alone – meaning the rest of the band, obviously, as the audience didn’t abandon him. Like in Queima das Fitas in 2000, on the first time I’ve seen them, “Like A Child Again” was played semi-acoustically.

Everybody danced to the sound of “Tower Of Strength” and, near the end, Hussey decided to freshen us up a little by throwing us an open bottle of water.

They left the stage again after “Blood Brother” and returned for the last encore with “1969”.

Hussey might have been with the flu (in fact, his voice sounded a bit nasal) but his performance on stage didn’t disappoint anyone. An unforgettable concert, for sure. «

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