KARPE DIEM @ Hard Club, 2011/10/14

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4560-reportagem-the-mission-uk-karpe-diem-2011-10-14-hard-club

» In 2008 Wayne Hussey announced an “undetermined break” (many believed “the end”) in the activities of THE MISSION UK. Three years later, he managed to reunite with two of the original members – bassist Craig Adams and guitarist Simon Hinkler – for a tour in celebration of the band’s 25th anniversary. The anniversary itself was a reason valid enough to fill the venue. The fact no one’s sure if the “break” will continue after this, made this concert (and Lisbon’s) unmissable – Hard Club was sold out about an hour before the opening of the doors (which meanwhile had been delayed in 40 minutes).

Last time I’d seen them it had been in 2005, in the original Hard Club, with a Portuguese band as first act. Which was a big disappointment for me, as I was waiting for Norwegian ELUSIVE, and maybe because of that I wasn’t able to appreciate properly this band’s performance. I even didn’t manage to understand who they were – if the singer introduced the band, I didn’t hear it. And I didn’t find any review of the concert afterwards which mentioned their name. But the same band was chosen to open now for THE MISSION and I could fill that old blank: KARPE DIEM (funny enough, there’s a Norwegian band with the same name). This time I paid more attention and realised, after all, that’s it’s a good band, playing solid rock in a very energetic way.

Right after they began with “Facada”, there was a little technical problem with Nuno Moás‘ guitar, but Paulo Inácio used it to introduce “Não Me Leves A Mal” (don’t get me wrong).

A few words about the crisis and national politics, and Inácio dedicated “Silêncio” (silence) to Porto’s Mayor Rui Rio.

The band has two official videos, “Uma Cama No Chão” and “De Todos Os Males“, so those songs were a must. In the latter, sung by Moás, Inácio left the stage and returned with a cigarette and a camera, which he used to take pictures of the jumping crowd.

They closed with “As Pessoas (Como Se A Pressa Fosse Urgente)” and a “see you soon”. «


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