SIX REASONS TO KILL @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/05

Original Portuguese version here:

» The second day of SWR Porto Hard brought us a bigger variety of sounds (and origins): the metalcore of German SIX REASONS TO KILL, three kinds of black metal by the hands of Spanish NOCTEM (black/thrash), Norwegian KEEP OF KALESSIN (melodic black) and Israeli MELECHESH (black/death with Middle East folk), and, finally, the industrial metal of Swiss SAMAËL.

I believe SIX REASONS TO KILL weren’t very famous until that moment – except for one fan, who waved his arms in the air the whole time and to whom singer Lars Tekolf handed the mic several times so the boy would sing the lyrics – but soon everybody was jumping, screaming and headbanging.

Promoting their most recent work, “Architects Of Perfection” (whose artwork decorated both sides of the stage – a girl in a pose which would be pretty sexy if it wasn’t for the fact that she was a zombie), “My Bitterness” and “Awaken” were some of the tracks we could hear. Among the older songs, “Bleeding Stereo”, “The Observer” and “Retribution”, if I’m not mistaken.

Very good show, full of liveliness and good spirits – Tekolf and guitarist Marco Andree (also owner of Bastardize Recordings) were smiling all the time. «

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