NOCTEM @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/05

Original Portuguese version here:

» It was really hard for me to enjoy NOCTEM‘s gig due the exaggerated strobes. Looking at the stage with all those consecutive explosions of light left me dizzy. But fortunetaly not all of us have sensitive eyes like me and most of the crowd seemed to have real fun with the speed of the guitars, the heaviness of the drums and the power of the voice. Also because these “neighbours” of ours are already known among the Portuguese audience and have a considerable amount of fans around here.

“Oblivion”, the second album, is also the second part of a trilogy which “Divinity” began in 2009. Using the band’s own words, it’s “harder, faster and more obscure”, and being more recent, it was on what they focused the most on this concert.

This time there was no skinned rabbits, but Beleth couldn’t miss the drinking of his cup of “blood”. Whatever it is they use for that matter, it’s really sticky – I was unlucky enough to be hit by some of it when the singer spat it. «

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