ENFORCER @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/04

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4545-reportagem-swr-porto-hard-1-dia


» In the end, the evening turned towards heavy metal again, this time with speed in the mixture, courtesy of Swedish ENFORCER.

The music we heard at Hard Club between bands was diversified, so most of the people didn’t realise that JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Diamonds And Rust” was the prelude to the show – it seems it’s been like that in other dates as well. Maybe because the latest ENFORCER work is called “Diamonds”.

After guitarist Adam Zaars‘ departure, last March, Olof Wikstrand plays now that role in addition to singer. If you didn’t know, you would never say that the rhythm guitar has been in his hands for just 7 months, given his great performance.

This concert was an excellent ride to the past, to the ’80s, the golden age of this kind of music. But like ENFORCER once told Sweden Rock Magazine, heavy/speed isn’t old school, it’s timeless. And judging by this gig, it’s definitely not out of fashion. Even the grindcore fans, who were there for the other bands, surrended to these guys.

For over an hour we could hear tracks like “Roll The Dice”, “On The Loose” and “Midnight Vice”. They also played a new song, to be included on their next record, but I only understood half of the title: “Death Rides With” something.

They left the stage after “Take Me To Hell” and came back for the encore with “Evil Attacker”. Joseph Tholl played the guitar solo of this song in the middle of the audience.

There was supposed to be some fire, as two fire machines were set on stage – constantly leaking gas, I must add. But real flames, not a sight. Maybe they thought it wouldn’t be safe, due the proximity of the crowd. And the truth is that there was no need for flames to heat up the place or give more impact to such a show.«


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