WORMROT @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/04

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4545-reportagem-swr-porto-hard-1-dia

» With just 4 years of existence, WORMROT are walking an enviable road… all the way from Singapore. After impressing the “big boss” from Earache Records with their first album “Abuse”, they’re now conquering the followers of the genre. The concert at Hard Club was proof of that, when I heard several compliments from people who didn’t know the band.

Three musicians only – voice, guitar and drums – but the “noise” they’re capable of! Arif‘s high tone seems like it’s about to burst his throat at any moment, while his body moves in all directions at the rhythm of the music.

They’ve played a new song, “Breed To Breed”, from the EP “Noise” which was released just two weeks ago, and “Plunged Into Illusions”, from the second album “Dirge”, also from this year, was “just for you, guys”. «


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2 Responses to WORMROT @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/04

  1. Ruby Red River says:

    So proud of these guys!

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