MARUTA @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/04

Original Portuguese version here:

» The state of Florida seems to have an underground rich in grindcore bands and that’s where MARUTA comes from. “Abrasive” is an ajdective very common among the definitions for this musical genre and it’s the one I’ll use to describe this band’s sound – abrasive and violent. Singer and founder Mitchell Luna reminds me a lot of Barney Greenway (NAPALM DEATH), not only for the extreme strength of his vocal chords but also for the frantic way in which he covers the stage, being a total nightmare for the photographers.

After “In Narcosis” (2008), “Forward Into Regression” saw the light of day two years later with a new drummer (after Nick Augusto left in order to join TRIVIUM – guess no one doubts that “musical differences” was the motive for this departure) and, for the first time, a bass player. which certainly added a more technical touch to the band’s sound, without taking away any brutality nevertheless.

On tour with WORMROT for two weeks, Luna said it was going on great and it was a pleasure to be in Portugal for the first time.

I managed to recognize “The Great Delusion” and “The Hand Of The Overseer”. «

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