MIDNIGHT PRIEST @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/04

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4545-reportagem-swr-porto-hard-1-dia

» Up next was “the Portuguese heavy metal army”, MIDNIGHT PRIEST. Personally, I’m still not very fond of this IRON MAIDEN/JUDAS PRIEST copycat – more than influenced by these two bands and others alike, some of the riffs in the so-called original songs are exactly the same as the “masters'”. But the fans – and MIDNIGHT PRIEST have plenty – don’t seem to mind, by the contrary, and that’s what counts. This gig was a party, althou singer The Priest complained in the beginning that “o Porto está morto” (Porto is dead). It didn’t take long for the audience to prove otherwise, screaming the lyrics to songs like “Juízo Final” or “À Boleia Com O Diabo”, raising their arms (and beers) in the air, banging their heads, playing air-guitars… Like I said, a heavy metal party.

Yes, of course they played “Rainha Da Magia Negra”, but it was one of the first – in fact, I believe it was the very first – and the audience was still warming up by then.

In the end, the band was reluctant in leaving the stage, willing to play the “one more!” which the fans were asking for. But the schedule was planned to the minute and it was time to set the stage for MARUTA


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