SKILLER’s “Nightcrawler”

I found SKILLER a couple of years ago and they soon made their way into my favourite-bands list. Now, with their new musical direction, they’re getting higher and stronger in my ranking.

 “Nightcrawler” is the second chapter of “The Rise Of A New Empire”, so it’s only natural that it’s shaped in the same mould as “Follow The Siren” (see what I’m talking about here: Still, I find these 3 new tracks more electronic, more polished, and yet, just as heavy.

 Niclas’ and Joni’s guitars blend with the synths, as if they were one instrument only – as both have this life and strength in their sound, the combination turns out pretty powerful. An exception to this association occurs in “Army Of Truth”, the first song released, where there’s this really rocky guitar solo standing out. :)

 Dave’s vocal shifts between clean and harsh is something that always delights me, and here they are at full force once again. I believe it’s a kind of trademark for him. ;) On the title-track, these shifts melt into each other rather than simply changing tones.

 On “In Bed With Deluge”, it’s the speed that takes turns – it’s the fastest song of the EP, yet has also the calmest passages, on its pre-chorus. The Swahn brothers, responsible for setting the beat (Sebastian on drums and Rikard on bass), seem to be willing to murder their instruments at one moment, while the next is all softness. Well, maybe just half… =P

 If you know me, you’re aware how such a sucker I am for details, no matter how small they are. So those brief piano notes by the end of this song are just precious to me. I’m hooked on them all, but I think this “In Bed With Deluge” is my favourite. :)

 There’s nothing much I can add about this/them without repeating the words of praise I’ve already used in previous reviews (“Follow The Siren”, “Novels Of Suburbia”). It’s easy to make a list of flaws when you don’t like something. But when you do like something… you just do! So go check them on MySpace (www.myspace,com/skillermetal), Spotify, YouTube, and fill the gaps you think I’ve left open on this review. ;)


  1. Nightcrawler
  2. In Bed With Deluge
  3. Army Of Truth

If you’re on Facebook, you can also follow them here:

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