WE ARE THE DAMNED @ Vagos Open Air, 2011/08/06

Original text here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4475-reportagem-20110806-vagos-open-air-2-dia, with pictures by Sandra Manuel (www.sandramanuel.com)

» After the delay the previous night, the first band of day two, WE ARE THE DAMNED, started 5 minutes earlier. Crust punk from Lisbon, full of attitude and determination.

Singer Ricardo Correia asked if we had seen REVOLUTION WITHIN and CRUSHING SUN the day before, sending the usual message of supporting what’s ours and showing “to the outsiders” the good things we do around here (these weren’t exactly his words, but the idea was).

Correia introduced “Devorador dos Mortos” talking about the video they had filmed, which was considered “little orthodox to play in our fucking television”. On Youtube, on the other hand, it has reached almost 17.000 views.

“No one here likes covers, but we’ll make a special exception”: “Into The Crypt Of Rays”, from CELTIC FROST, which the band recorded in 2009, along with VENOM‘s “Acid Queen”, and released under the title “Metal Classics Vol. 1”.

I couldn’t understand the name of the last song, but before playing it, Correia told the audience “if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. Don’t bad-mouth ’cause that’s not fucking pretty”


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