SKILLER’s “Follow The Siren”

In the fall of 2010, SKILLER released on their MySpace 3 new songs – one at a time, to sharpen our appetite and make us eager for more Wink/Razz 

The first one, “My Secret”, won me over right away. After interviewing singer David Sundbom in previous May, I already knew there would be synths and electronic sounds as, quoting David, “we want it to sound fresh and not your typical metalcore songs which the music industry is flooded with”. Of course you can say that synths are also invading the music scene right now, but SKILLER make it in their own way and I honestly can’t remember any band whose sound remembers theirs. And even if I could, that doesn’t steal any merit of the great work they’ve achieved here.

 So “My Secret” starts with those electronics underlaid with rough guitar riffs, while a containing-rage clean voice gradually escalates to a growling and harsh tone. And then a catchy chorus comes in. Nice.

“Not Over” was released a couple of weeks later and played officially as “new single” on Bandit Rock Radio, where it got to the “most wanted” by the listeners. Heavier and darker, it was the right choice for promoting SKILLER’s new work.

And then on late November, “The Crowning”, whose chorus includes the title of this saga, “The Rise Of A New Empire”. Let me explain what I mean by “saga”: I confess I was disappointed when “Follow The Siren” happened to be “just” an EP with these 3 songs (well, 4, as there’s also this exquisite remix of “My Secret”). But recently I’ve learnt that it’s only the first of four they intend to release during the year: an LP – “The Rise Of A New Empire” – divided in EPs. How cool is that? :D (Big Grin) Anyway, as I was saying, “The Crowning” is the most melodic song of this batch, with lyrics that will surely be fiercely sung-along by the crowd on any concert. It was the one that didn’t impress me much in the beginning but now it’s my favourite – ‘cause that’s the power of good music: either you embrace it right at the first hearing, or it takes you a while to fall in love with it. :-) (Smile)

Did I make you curious? Good! That was the idea. Now go satisfy that curiosity: 8-) (Cool)

Producers: Henrik Edenhed and Stefan Sundström


  1. My Secret
  2. Not Over
  3. The Crowning
  4. Secret remix – The Crypt

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