PARADISE LOST @ GSM Fest, 2011/06/17

If you’ve never been to a PARADISE LOST show, there’s something you need to know: there’s 5 guys, but the way the gig goes depends on the mood of one and only – singer Nick Holmes. If he’s in good spirits, you can be sure you’ll experience a hell of a show. If he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you’ll probably wish you’d stayed at home.

Nick was in a very good mood :aww:

I don’t know where the fest promoters got the idea PARADISE LOST would perform the whole “Draconian Times” album (assuming they really thought they would and it wasn’t just a cheap trick to sell more tickets :P). GSM had announced it on Facebook, but on the band’s official website there was nothing that indicated so. So I sent an e-mail to the tour manager, who took only a few hours to reply to me (thank you, Mr. Bolton). The gig did start with “Draconian Times” first song, “Enchantment”, but it was no surprise to me when the following song was “I Remain”, from their latest album “Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us”.

Their former drummer Jeff Singer, who left in 2008 to be with his family and pursue a new job, had stepped in for Adrian Erlandsson just for fun, to remember how it felt to play a concert again. It was a nice thing, but honestly, for me, it wasn’t that much of a deal – my favourite will always be Lee Morris ;)

Steve seemed upset. Something must have happened, ’cause he’s the nicest one – after Aaron, of course :aww:

Nick introduced “As I Die” very matter-of-factly as “a quite popular song” – as if it hadn’t been the song that launched their careers :XD: Like I said, he was in a good mood :D

I had a small hope they would play “True Belief”, but the only “Icon”-song they performed was “Embers Fire”. Good enough.

People were complaining that the show was pretty short. It felt like that, yes, but hey – it was a festival, not a PARADISE LOST concert of their own. Couldn’t ask for more than the hour and something they’ve played, really.

  • Enchantment
  • I Remain
  • Erased
  • Hallowed Land
  • As I Die
  • The Enemy
  • No Celebration
  • Forever Failure
  • Pity The Sadness
  • One Second
  • Requiem


  • Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
  • Embers Fire
  • Say Just Words

Cheers, Mr. Holmes!

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