CHILDREN OF BODOM @ Hard Club, 2011/05/05

Original Portuguese version here: 

Another band could almost have played between ENSIFERUM and CHILDREN OF BODOM, given the time of intermission (40 minutes). But there are instruments to change, a last soundcheck and a scenery to prepare (in this case, some rags dangling from the ceiling) for the headliners. And at 10 p.m., as announced, CHILDREN OF BODOM got on stage. The crowd’s ovation even before they began playing left no doubt about who was the most awaited band of the night.

The first song of the latest album, “Not My Funeral”, was also the first of the concert. Although “Reckless Relentless Forever” has been released just in March, the fans sang along the lyrics word by word. In fact, they did so during all show, both new and old songs.

Though COB was once my favourite band, I’m not familiar with their two latest works, as they sounded too much alike to me. But it always works live, especially mixed with the “classics”. I’ve heard opinions of whom liked the previous concert the most, and others who preferred this one. The setlist of January 2006 might have been more appealing to those who, like me, think the band hasn’t evolved much in the last few years, but I think the performance was much better yesterday than 5 years ago.

More or less in the middle of the concert, Alexi Laiho asked if we wanted to hear “old school” songs (needless to say what the answer was) and a small medley of “Children Of Bodom” and “Hate Me!” followed up, from the albuns “Follow The Reaper” (2000) and “Hatebreeder” (1999) respectively.

Later, Alexi announced that Mr. Janne Warman would play something for us. Last time it was something from Britney Spears, but now it was less “extreme”: “Jump” by VAN HALEN. But after the first chords, which Jaska Raatikainen played along on the drums, Alexi interrupted and asked Janne to play something else, something non-VAN HALEN. The keyboard player did so, beginning “Downfall”. They left the stage but it didn’t take long for them to come back for the encore. By the end of the latest single/video “Was It Worth It?” Alexi screamed that yes, it had been worth it.

For the grand finale, “Hate Crew Deathroll”, we were asked for help in the chorus – which is a bit redundant, as we’d “helped” throughout the whole show.


  • Not My Funeral
  • Bodom Beach Terror
  • Needled 24/7
  • Shovel Knockout
  • Roundtrip To Hell And Back
  • In Your Face
  • Living Dead Beat
  • Children Of Bodom / Hate Me!
  • Blooddrunk
  • Angels Don’t Kill
  • Follow The Reaper
  • Downfall


  • Was It Worth It?
  • Everytime I Die
  • Hate Crew Deathroll

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