PLAN THREE @ Sonic Rock Circus, 2011/04/09

And almost one year later, in the same venue, there I was seeing PLAN THREE again Heart

Just like last time, they started the show with “Triggers”, as that song has the perfect kick-off riff.

I felt like those guys in the “Friends” tv series: OH MY GOD! What a concert! I’d loved them the first time, so I thought I knew what to expect. But this was way past any expectation Aww Such emotion, such feeling, such ROCK! 3770 km and a night at Stansted Airport is a real bargain when THIS is what you get in return :) (Smile)

They also played one of the new songs, “The Beast”, which sounds very PLAN THREEish.

On the beautiful “What Have You Done” (that lately has been getting quite an airplay at Bandit Rock radio) Jacob changed the lyrics from “all the sirens are warning, screaming our sins” to “… TOURING our sins”, being the name they’ve chosen for the tour, which ended that night, as a matter of fact.

After “Still Broken”, bass player (and my favourite radio host Aww) Peter said his grandmother was there watching the show and the spotlights turned to a nice old lady sitting in the balcony. We could feel the pride in his voice, but I bet she was even more proud of her grandson :) (Smile)

And if I hadn’t those damned nails on my left knee, I would have jumped with the rest of the crowd on “Save Me”.

Marisol gave me the setlist (TUSEN TACK!!! Hug) and I asked Peter to sign it for me. He was kind enough to ask if I wanted the rest of the band to sign it and took it to them. Such a sweet guy Aww

Here’s what they played:

  • Triggers
  • Be Still My Heart
  • The Collision
  • Freak Show
  • The Beast
  • Whatever The Reason
  • What Have You Done
  • Still Broken
  • Save Me
  • Brush It Off
  • All For Nothing
  • The Common Divided

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