ITCHY DAZE @ Sonic Rock Circus, 2011/04/09

ITCHY DAZE was quite a disappointment :P The intro was all drums, almost like a solo, but then…

The only 2 songs I really knew (and actually liked) by them were ballads – the hit-single “Monster” and the latest “Halo” – but usually rock bands know how to… well, rock :P Ballads are the songs that reach out to any kind of audience, and therefore become more popular. With these guys I got the feeling that those were simply the only songs that were actually good. The rest sounded too much alike and at some point it was just noise to my ears.

Maybe they were having a bad day, or I was just too impressed with SHERLOCK BROTHERS powerful performance, but ITCHY DAZE was pretty shallow. Plus singer Tomas Andersson talked WAY TOO MUCH between songs, killing whatever mood the music might have started. I was bored, but the general audience seemed to be having fun. The chorus to the last song, “911”, was even shouted by most of the kids – although the first atempt was a big fail.

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