APOTHEUS @ Hard Club, 2011/02/19

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4135-apotheus-the-ransack-damage-my-god-2011-02-19-hard-club

I know APOTHEUS are newbies, but since they had maturity enough to enter a studio, I was expecting a bit more of coordination. Each member “pushed to his side” and the melodies came out straggled.

Singer Miguel also plays rhythm guitar but the latter is more of a decoration object than an active instrument most of the time. In any case, Tiago’s lead guitar was too loud and would always smother the other.

The themes are mainly growled, but have a few clean parts. However, Miguel’s clean voice is a monotone one, almost unemotional, for which it would be better if he stuck to the aggression of his growls. 

They announced one cover but didn’t say which. I think I recognized some classical parts so I was in doubt if they meant adaptation instead of cover, or if some band uses those chords in a self-written song. I got even more confused when Miguel mentioned something about a King Henry in the end.

The band had many friends in the audience who were unstoppable during the whole show. But it would have been much nicer if the people who didn’t know APOTHEUS had as much or almost as much fun as them. The poses are more than rehearsed, but the music, which is not bad, now that needs more work.


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