DAMAGE MY GOD @ Hard Club, 2011/02/19

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4135-apotheus-the-ransack-damage-my-god-2011-02-19-hard-club#28259

» I learnt THE RANSACK would be playing at Hard Club’s Sala 2 just 2 or 3 days before the event. As it was a valid enough reason for me to go, I didn’t care to look at the rest of the bill. I did want to know the starting time, though, and that’s when I saw the names DAMAGE MY GOD and APOTHEUS. I’d never heard about the latter so I was really surprised to see them as headliners, given THE RANSACK’s career and discography.

What happened was that the band from Paços de Ferreira was introducing their first EP, “A Quest To Remain”, and both DAMAGE MY GOD and THE RANSACK were their guests. But in the end, “experience” prevailed and THE RANSACK closed the night 😉

But let’s start from the beginning. Schedule hour was 10 p.m. but a few minutes before all I could see was late fans of SUM 41 (who played at Sala 1). Through sms I learnt the gig would start one hour later, so I hung around with some guys from DAMAGE MY GOD who had arrived meanwhile. Their singer was still at work and that was the reason for the new schedule. Mental note: send sms BEFORE leaving home.

I got in and set the camera at the sound of Quim Barreiros or something like that. I thought it was some joke from the DJ, but the joke came from DAMAGE MY GOD – they used pimba music as their intro.

The story of this band isn’t long, but its members’ history in the national underground is. And the brutality of the death/thrash they unleashed on that stage was proof of that experience, both in attitude and performance. «


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