Wacken Metal Battle @ Metalpoint, 2011/01/29

Original Portuguese version here: http://backstageforum.hot-me.com/t4094-wacken-metal-battle-4-ronda-2011-01-29-metalpoint-porto

4th round of Wacken Metal Battle took place last saturday, at Metalpoint. On the bill, the bands were listed by alphabetical order but the playing order was determined by sortition. And luck dictated EQUALEFT as the opening act, followed up by ENDAMAGE, CAPE OF NO HOPE, VRNA and, closing, DAMNULL.

Whoever has seen EQUALEFT live, knows their energy on stage. But last saturday they went beyond the expectations of any fan. Not even some technical problems on Marcos’ drumkit slowed down the enthusiasm, both the band’s and the crowd’s.

Despite the small room, Miguel managed around half a dozen of his famous jumps and, as usual also, ended up in the audience’s hands, who carried him gladly. Miguel started to introduce the songs and Metalpoint finished the titles, stating the popularity this band has achieved.


First time I’ve seen ENDAMAGE was in 2006, when they were still a quartet of “kids”. But the kids grew up – as I already had the chance to see when they opened for HATESPHERE in December – and I don’t mean only in terms of age. With Snake joining the band (in the begining of last year, I believe), more life was added to the band, not only for his vocal performance but also for his attitude – Snake is one of those who sometimes likes to put the mic down and jump into the frontline. Every member was unstoppable, inciting the crowd all the time. It was an excellent death metal gig.


CAPE OF NO HOPE was the only band I didn’t know. I think I’d heard the name, but never heard/seen the band. Hardcore isn’t much my cup of tea and at first it also didn’t seem to be the audience’s. But then they heated up and the band from Viana was nicely welcomed.


Black metal I like even less, but VRNA sounded okay. Maybe because I could distinguish every instrument instead of that mess of sounds that many times defines this kind of band. Although the most extreme band of the night, it was the one which the audience reacted less in terms of mosh. But every song was applauded, as well as Luís Lisboa’s request for union and support in the national underground.


Finallt, DAMNULL. It will be one year now in February that I’ve seen them for the first time and the change they’ve been through ever since was a pleasant shock. At Thrash Till Death, only singer Capela and guitarrist Adriano seemed to be at-ease. Here at Wacken Metal Battle they were all loose and showed no sign of discomfort – even João got up from his drumkit to show how thrilled he was. The sound itself seems more mature, more aggressive, and even a wall of death happened at some point.


Everyone in their own style, all bands did great that night, but only one could make it to the finals, which will take place at Steel Warriors Rebellion Fest, Barroselas, by the end of April. And the jury voted for EQUALEFT. My honest congratulations 🙂

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