Revisited: interview with DAVID SUNDBOM (May 2010)

I’m importing some of my favorite posts from my old blog at MySpace.

” I enjoyed so much doing that interview with Rob from SONIC SYNDICATE that I had to make another one :D The new target was Dave from SKILLER.

Originally released on, here’s the English version.

» The first time I’ve heard about Skiller was last August, when they opened for Sonic Syndicate. Unfortunately, I got late and arrived on their last song, so I didn’t have the chance to see them live. A few months later, “our paths crossed” at MySpace and I started to realize the great show I must have missed 😦

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you the album “Novels Of Suburbia”, and now we introduce you the band, through the words of singer David Sundbom.

Backstage Music Forum: Hello, David. First of all, thank you for talking to us. Most people here in Portugal don’t know Skiller. So tell us a little bit about the band, when and how it got started?

Dave Sundbom: Thank you, you’re welcome! Well, we´re from Stockholm, Sweden and started to play together in high-school around 6 years ago. We are 5 guys, Joni, Nick, Sebastian, Ritchi and me, just random dudes with the passion of playing and writing music. The band was not that serious until 2 years ago, when we were picked up by Backyard Babies to go on an European tour with them. Since then we’ve gotten a lot more recognition and done bigger shows. We´re slowly building a dedicated fan-base.

BMF: I haven’t had the chance to listen to the first full-length album, but since it’s been 5 years, I presume you have evolved. What has changed between “Yours To Blame” and Novels Of Suburbia”?

Dave: Haha, everything! We started out like everyone else when you’re that age and drew influences from bands like Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, In Flames etc. So that record was very innocent and immature compared to the new stuff. But on the other hand, with the new stuff we’re currently working on, we have gone more to that classic rock arrangements with a modern metal twist. It would sound to much of a cliché to say we have gone back to our roots for such a new band that we are… We have changed a lot, that’s for sure.

BMF: When I listen to the cd, I imagine how people must go wild when you play live songs like “nothing to fear” or crush it to the bone”. Which songs do you like to play the most?

Dave: Usually it’s the newest song because you’re always excited to play it for the first time. It also depends on the audience. We like to make some changes to the set list every now and then while on tour, so you don’t lose your edge. For us as a quite unknown band, you also end up sharing the stage with bands from different genres, pop bands as-well as death metal bands, so you might wanna change one song our two depending on who’s watching. One thing that’s always the same is the energy on stage. Even if you’re a fan of mellow jazz music we want you leaving with a smile on your face, thinking “those guys were great”. But crush it to the bone” is definitely a song we really like to play live. It has great dynamics, sing along chorus and a lot of people like that song.

BMF: Speaking of playing live, your latest tour was called “Le Tour De Mosh”, so there’s no doubt about what was to expect from it 😉 How did it go? Which do you think was the highest moment of that tour?

Dave: It went really well, playing in-front of allot of people, from kids to regular club people. Hometown shows are always good but the whole tour was great.

BMF: “Novels Of Suburbia” was released in May 2009, and exactly one year later you’ve entered the studio again. How did the writing process developed? I mean, did you start writing new material right away, or a couple of months later you just came up with loads of ideas at once?

Dave: Yes, around September or so we started writing again and demo new songs. Many ideas came up during the process, some were thrown right out the window and others kept for later. The writing process actually never ends in our band. The process is very democratic, everyone can contribute and then we sit down together and decide which songs we like, and what needs to be done for it to be a Skiller song.

BMF: You’ve chosen Henrik Edenhed for producer. Any special reason for that choice? Do you like any of his works in particular?

Dave: We heard his work on the Dead By April record and we all thought that it sounded great and fresh. And we sat down trying to decide which people we wanted to work with, we really wanted someone who’s not only into making metal records, who could work with our songs from a different musical perspective, then e-mailed a couple of people that were on our list. And to our surprise Henrik was the most enthusiastic of them all, and he fit right in.

BMF: And that new work of yours, how’s it going to be? What can we expect from the new songs?

Dave: There is definitely a big step up in song-writing for us. We have done a lot of experimenting with electronics and different sounds, we want it to sound fresh and not your typical metalcore songs which the music industry is flooded with. Me, personally, I think the songs are more direct, with a better focus, both heavier and catchier on the same time, if that makes any sense. Lyrically I think we have kept the storytelling from “Novels…” but this time around it’s more personal. You’ll have to wait and see for your self once it’s out, ha ha. I am stoked and very proud of the new songs.

BMF: Influences – is there any musician you look up to, who inspires you? And what bands would you like to share a stage with someday?

Dave: I don’t know if there is any special band our person I look up to very much. I do listen to a lot of music from deathcore to indie rock to house, and hang around at many concerts, so I’m kind of inspired of many musical styles. And everyone in the band has a different taste in music, but we share the love of playing our metal, so its hard to say. One band that caught my eyes a couple of years ago and which would be cool to play live with is Paramore. Me, Sebastian and Ritchi went to see them this winter in Stockholm, such an amazing band, we were blown away. Of course a major tour with Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine etc would also be great and a dream come true.

BMF: I find it curious that on MySpace and Twitter you write in English, but on Facebook it’s Swedish! Is it “just because” or you want to “reward” somehow your fans back home?

Dave: Yeah, and our Facebook has 90 percent Swedish fans. But there will be English news from now on, since you have brought it up. We don’t want to loose any fan because of a language barrier. Thanx for mentioning it. GO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! HAHA (!/pages/SKILLER/95978547341)

BMF: Last question, just for fun: Joni played Metallsvenskan this year. How did that come up? And how did he do?

Dave: Unfortunately I happened to tackle him one week before, also playing football with some friends, so hard that he broke his ribs and couldn’t make it to Metallsvenskan. Joni is a great football player and would have rocked! He will definitely rule the field next year at Metallsvenskan!

BMF: Best wishes for Joni, then! Thanks again for your time and good luck! Hope I can see you live one of these days.

Dave: Thank you Renata and Backstage Music Forum! Its been great talking to you. Hope to see you too! «

You heard the guy: go check them out! ”

Meanwhile I bought the whole discography and even though I actually like it, I must admit they’ve changed for much better. Also saw them live – as you can see for the pics – and it was AMAZING! Can’t wait for the next time!

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