HELLOWEEN @ La Riviera, 2011/01/15

Okay, I admit that Michael Kiske has a better voice, but I think HELLOWEEN improved a lot with Andi Deris on vocals. And Andi himself is a much better performer now than when I first saw him in 1998.

2 years ago, on my birthday (January 19th), I saw them on this same venue, with GAMMA RAY and AXXIS, and I was impressed with Andi’s almost perfect Spanish. Now I found out he has a studio in Tenerife – I knew a German guy wouldn’t be so fluent in Spanish if he’d just learnt it at school 😉

“Are you metal?”, the new single, opened the show. And speaking of which, before the gig me and my mom were having a very unhealthy meal at Burger King. Michael Weikath was there also and when he saw my mom he asked her “are you metal?”. She unzipped her jacket and showed him her HELLOWEEN t-shirt from “gambling with the devil”: “of course I am!” He smiled widely, gave her a thumbs-up and walked away with his burgers :D

In 2009, GAMMA RAY joined them on stage to play/sing “I want out” and “future world”, giving me a hell of a b-day gift. This year, my best gift came 4 days earlier when HELLOWEEN performed “forever and one” acoustic. It’s probably my favorite song and in all 4 times I’ve seen them before, they had never played it. Simply beautiful.

They should have played “power”, though, but still it was an amazing concert, which ended with “Dr. Stein” (the original version, not the 2010 remix).


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