ATLAS @ Fontes do Sar, 2010/11/27

Original Portuguese version here:

After the concert at Campo Pequeno being cancelled, the one in Santiago de Compostela ended the second leg of the Theatre Of Death Tour (ALICE COOPER had already brought this show on the road last year). The date in Lisbon had been the last to be added to the list, after the tour had already started, so it wasn’t even mentioned on the official tour t-shirt. It was really not meant to happen…

I had already decided to go to Santiago, for logistic matters (er… no pun intended, really) – living in Gaia it was a lot closer for me, not to mention the fact that it was on a saturday, so I didn’t need to take days off in the office. True Spirits Alive transferred the roadtrip from Lisbon to Santiago and there we went. Not many, true, but since both queues at the entrance of Pavilhão Multiusos Fontes do Sar went around the block one hour before the opening, Santiago didn’t need the Portuguese.

The ticket booth opened at 18:30 and not 19:00, as it was predicted. We didn’t have such luck with the doors, which opened at 20:00 sharp. And three quarters afterwards, Madrid-ATLAS filled the pavillion with classic hard rock, loaded of elaborated riffs and solos, high-pitch screams and rock star poses. The fact that they sang in Spanish didn’t please me much, as it’s not exactly my favorite language, but the instumental was good. In fact, during the first song, the instrumental was all we could hear, at least on the left side, where I was staning. But the technical problem was solved around the second theme.

Most of the audience seemed to know and like the band, which has already two albuns out. And I believe I heard Ignacio Prieto saying something about a third one, so I guess they’re on recording mode. There was even some lingerie thrown, but sadly it fell on the photopit.

During those 45 minutes we could hear songs like “generácion sin miedo a vivir”, “no necessito a nadie”, “abriendo los ojos”, “viviré” and the title-track of their latest album, “contra viento y marea”.

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