ALICE COOPER @ Fontes do Sar, 2010/11/27

Original Portuguese version here:

Half an hour to remove ATLAS gear and set the stage for ALICE COOPER, including the Theatre Of Death curtain, which would fall right after the first chords of “school’s out”.

It’s very hard to describe this show as words never seem to make it justice. I can talk about the bone crutch on “I’m eighteen”, the red straight jacket and the guillotine on “the ballad of Dwight Fry”, the wheelchair and nurse on “nurse Rozetta”, the suit of  spider tectacles – yes, ’cause those aren’t simple legs – on “vengeance is mine”, the “diamond” necklaces on “dirty diamonds”, the $ 100,00 bills with Alice’s face on “billion dollar babies” or even the monster on “feed my Frankenstein”. But it’s really the kind of thing that one must see and live for oneself.

And, of course, I don’t mean it only for the visual impact. The theatre is excellent, but so is the soundtrack and its players. Alice has always been surrounded by top-musicians, but Chuck Garric (bass), Jimmy DeGrasso (drums), Damon Johnson and Keri Kelli (guitars) also have a charisma of their own which adds an extra spice to the recipe. And nurse Rozetta, who I had the chance to see last year played by Calico Cooper, Alice’s own daughter, was now taken over by the equally talented Tiffany Lowe.

With more wrinkles and more belly, but the same voice and posture of a four-decade career, 62-year-old Alice Cooper still rocks and influences the younger generations – I can’t not mention a little boy who was standing by my side, no more than 8 or 9 years old, Alice t-shirt, eyes shining and open-wide smile, singing all the lyrics and he was Portuguese!

– School’s Out
– No More Mr. Nice Guy
– I’m Eighteen
– Wicked Young Man
– Ballad Of Dwight Fry
– Go To Hell
– Cold Ethyl
– Poison
– From The Inside
– Nurse Rozetta
– Be My Lover
– Only Women Bleed
– I Never Cry
– Black Widow Jam
– Vengeance Is Mine
– Dirty Diamonds
– Billion Dollar Babies
– Killer
– I Love The Dead
– Feed My Frankenstein
– Under My Wheels
– Elected
– School’s Out

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