INFRAKTOR @ 5th anniversary of Hard Rock Cafe Porto, 2021/11/21

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


With more technical equipment to gear up (and set in motion correctly – there was some problem with one of the amps), INFRAKTOR took longer than expected to kick off their show. But when they did, the proverbial “all hell broke loose” happened (I’m sure none of us did it on purpose, but I apologize for the “close encounter of the third kind” between my head and the girl’s behind me right on the first song). The delay costed them one song (yet another gig where I didn’t listen to “Unleash The Pigs”…) but they’ve played all the other “mandatory” ones off their debut record “Exhaust” (“Son Of A Butcher”, “Blood Of The Weak”, “Ferocious Intent”…) and the latest two “Marked To Be Forgotten” and “Antwork”. These, also mosher-friendly, anticipate another top-notch thrash/death album.

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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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