SECRET CHORD’s “Aurora” release party @ Metalpoint, 2021/09/18

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


“Aurora” is SECRET CHORD‘s first full-length, released in March via Sleazy Rider Records, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic – argh, how tired I’m getting of writing this! – its release party was put on hold. Raquel Subtil confessed she feared that this day, playing the new songs live, would never come, but there we all were – even if sitting down and wearing masks – welcoming their work.

The instrumental “Dawn”, which opens “Aurora”, was also the intro of this gig. The three following tracks took the same order of the album and I was convinced it would be like that until the end, but instead of “Empowerment”, Raquel announced “the song that have always made part of SECRET CHORD‘s history” – the MADREDEUS cover of “O Pastor” (that someone in the crowd claimed to be better than the original). Next they played the 2018 single “Wraith Of Oblivion” and only then came “Empowerment”, featuring “someone who needs no introduction”EQUALEFTMiguel Inglês. The shouts for cookies were almost as loud as the applause but Miguel replied we were all on a diet.

I’ve mentioned how at ease NEEDLE were on stage and I say it again regarding the headliners – no matter how many times Raquel claimed they “were all rusty” and “how clumsy” she felt, not knowing what to say. The proof that no one believed in that was the reaction to each song and, in the end, when they demanded for one more. Not being “one of those big bands, that leave the stage and come back later”, they picked and played again “Everything Repeats” without further delay.

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