Revisited: LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT @ Dead Hour Fest, 2007/11/10


Legendary goth/darkwave/industrial LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT were headlining this new fest (actually, I believe it was the only edition of it, but can’t tell for sure) and I couldn’t miss it. Of course I was still walking with the aid of crutches, after breaking my left knee a handful of months before, and driving to Corroios – +300 km away from my hometown – wasn’t an option. A big shout out to Helena Granjo for driving my car :heart: (and Joana Cardoso for making us company).

I remember I loved the show, even if the specifics are a bit blurry, after all this time. I do remember, though, that it was the first time I’ve listened to “Heaven Now” and was blown away by it, and that at some point someone screamed “I love you Sean!” to which he replied with a smile, “Yeah, you say that now…” :D


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