SECOND LASH @ Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão, 2019/07/26

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.
Originally shot for Valkyrian Music.


The second day of Laurus already offered a “full time” bill, the first band setting foot on the Estrella Galicia stage at 16:30.

SECOND LASH play an alternative rock that flows smoothly into your ears but, in my opinion, this live performance backslid a bit due the lack of a second guitar player. In the studio, “Tabula Rasa” features one of “Evelyn Filipe‘s Golden Boys” (not my words, mind me; it was the singer herself who referred to brothers Dourado – golden in Portuguese – as her “golden boys”), Miguel, on both rhythm guitar and bass. Live, he picks up the latter, and even if I support this choice, a second guitar gives more texture to songs such as “I Won’t Tell”, “Honestly” or “Alone”. Sure, that’s what samples are for, but it’s less authentic. And speaking of authenticity, Evelyn apologized for the… enthusiasm of her moans in “Licked Ink”, as she didn’t plan to get carried away so much. But if it was so spontaneous, there was no need for apologies.


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