FIRST FRAGMENT @ Hard Club, 2019/02/12

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


This was the third technical death metal event I’ve been to in four months and all of them had a full house; that thing they say about this genre not being suitable for the average listener is clearly an urban legend.

All the way from Canada, FIRST FRAGMENT were the first ones to make the crowd happy. Although the video for “Paradoxal Subjugation” was just a few days old, the song is featured in the EP “The Afterthought Ecstasy”, released nine years ago already. In fact, according to the band themselves, nothing new will be out before 2020, so this gig would be as if they were promoting “Dasein” (2016).

The moves on stage were somewhat limited – the headliners’ drumkit was already set, behind the drums the support bands played on – but still they managed to deliver a very fiery performance. I’ve particularly enjoyed an instrumental piece rich in bass and guitarist Philippe Tougas‘ expressions in ovation to his colleague playing it. I hope I can see them again, with more room on stage…


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