2019: gold, silver and bronze medals

And just when I’d started posting articles about the 2019 gigs I’ve attended, 2020 knocked on my door…

Didn’t realize the numbers were so low until I’ve actually counted them: only 19 events, featuring 106 performances, played in 7 cities – all on national soil. Quality over quantity? Something like that, although I’m aware I’ve missed some shows I would probably have enjoyed – for one of them I even had the ticket and the ride -, but it’s been a tough year and some nights I just wanted to be left alone. Not sure if that will change but one thing will: I’ll be back at travelling! Damn, I’ve missed it! Still no trips to Sweden in sight, sadly, but two to Madrid are already booked (HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD in February and CRASHDÏET in April) and one to Barcelona is planned (W.A.S.P. in October). If they turn out as good as I’m hoping they will, at least one should get one of these virtual medals next year, but for now, let’s check out the 2019 winners:

1st SAMAEL – Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão – Louro (PT)

2nd INFRAKTOR – Vagos Metal Fest – Vagos (PT)

3rd EQUALEFT – Hard Club – Porto (PT)

Then these surprised me like I’ve never thought they would/could:

1st CREMATORY – Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão – Louro (PT)

2nd DR. LIVING DEAD! – Moita Metal Fest – Moita (PT)

3rd JINJER – Vagos Metal Fest – Vagos (PT)
jinjer vagos

Not sure what I was expecting from these, but it definitely wasn’t what they provided; the most-disappointing-gig medals go to:

1st REVERENT TALES – Hard Club – Porto (PT)

2nd VLTIMAS – Vagos Metal Fest – Vagos (PT)

3rd VISIONS OF ATLANTIS – Vagos Metal Fest – Vagos (PT)

When I wrote three album reviews in less than two months, I thought I was back at it. But then life happened… Once again, I didn’t listen to enough records to come up with a list of unsatisfying ones, but out of the goodies, here are my favorite:

1st CRASHDÏET, “Rust”

2nd EQUALEFT, “We Defy”

3rd SOILWORK, “Verkligheten”

The videos that caught my eye the most came in the form of an actual story, a funny backstage footage of sorts, and a compilation of dramatic sets of Germany’s history:

1st. OZZY OSBOURNE, “Under The Graveyard”

2nd CRASHDÏET, “Idiots”

3rd RAMMSTEIN, “Deutschland”

I’m counting on 2020 to be a good year:

The HILLS HAVE EYES album which should have been released in 2019 and was postponed to 2020 – both record and live show(s) to promote it are at the top of my wishlist. :heart:

The aforementioned HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD gig, also to promote their upcoming record “New Empire, Vol. 1” (release date due just a few days prior to that show).

W.A.S.P.‘s “1984 to Headless” world tour, where Blackie & Co. will perform songs only of their first four albums, will be a hell of a trip down memory lane. :heart:

Martin Sweet is all caught up at the moment with CRASHDÏET but SISTER have mentioned something about a new album. Not sure if it’s the release or just the recording, but I’ll be paying attention.

There are a few other gigs I’m looking forward to, such as AS I LAY DYING or BEHEMOTH, but KISS – supposedly their final tour – has its special place on the list.

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