REVOCATION @ Hard Club, 2018/12/12

For Katito.

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


We were so heated by what we have seen so far – there’s a reason for the term “warm-up act” – that the gear exchange for REVOCATION‘s performance seemed endless; checking the time, however, everything was going according to plan.

Some – mostly ARCHSPIRE fans – retreated a few rows, but many – the most hardcore REVOCATION fans – swarmed the front line. And as soon as “The Outer Ones” echoed, I believe I’m not exaggerating when I talk about “ecstasy”…

David Davidson is a man of few words, saying little more than introductions to a few songs, but the music – including how it was played – laced all the empathy needed to make that a hell of a concert. And after “Witch Trials”, still struggling to accept that something so good had come to an end, I didn’t see anyone who wasn’t wearing a happy smile.


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